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Micro-Lok® HP Ultra is a specialized, premium performance fiberglass pipe insulation. As part of the Micro-Lok HP product line, Ultra has the most consistent fiberglass core available in the market. We have coupled this with a factory-applied, polypropylene-coated, ASJ vapor retarder jacket with 100 Psi puncture-resistance. This design allows the product to be used in an environment of intermittent or temporary exposure to transient moisture or conditions that are similar to those in an open construction site. The SSL closure system has been designed to adhere securely to the polypropylene-coated jacket. It can be applied at ambient temperatures starting at 20°F and above, and will remain intact even in high temperatures and humidity. This assures the building owner, mechanical engineer and contractor that Micro-Lok HP Ultra will deliver the performance you’ve come to expect from JM products throughout the life of the mechanical system.


Micro-Lok® HP Ultra fiberglass pipe insulation is a high-performance pipe insulation with a polypropylene (PP)-coated factory-applied vapor-barrier jacket. Micro-Lok HP Ultra is made from rotary glass fibers bonded with a thermosetting resin and produced in 36" lengths and is used to insulate standard iron pipe, plastic pipe and copper tubing. The PP-coated jacket includes a longitudinal, self-sealing closure lap and matching butt strip. The jacket system is adhered to each fiberglass section using a specially formulated adhesive to ensure jacket securement. The factory-installed tape system permits installation at ambient temperatures down to 20°F and will not soften or separate when exposed to high ambient temperatures and humidity.

Micro-Lok HP Ultra’s PP-coated factory-applied vapor retarder jacket can be wiped down using a soft cloth and some soapy water. The jacket can also resist minor exposure to transient liquid water. Micro-Lok HP Ultra is intended for indoor use. Outdoor use of Micro-Lok HP Ultra requires separate weather protection.


Micro-Lok HP Ultra fiberglass pipe insulation is suitable for installation over hot, cold, concealed and exposed piping systems with operating temperatures up to 850°F. Weather-protective jacketing is required for outdoor applications. Pipes operating below ambient temperatures require all joints to be sealed withthe factory-applied, self-seal lap and butt strips.

Johns Manville Microlok HP Ultra Fiberglass Pipe Insulation Box


Service Temp. Range (ASTM C411)                        0°F to 850°F
Moisture Sorption                                                      <5% by weight
Alkalinity                                                                     <0.06%
Corrosivity (ASTM C665)                                         Does not accelerate
Capillarity                                                                   Negligible
Shrinkage (ASTM C356)                                           None
Microbial Growth                                                       None
Surface Burning Characteristics                             25/50
Limited Combustibility                                              <3500 BTU/lb
Jacketing (Poly ASJ) ASTM C1136                          (Type I, II, III, IV)
Water Vapor Permeance                                          0.01 perms max.
(ASTM E96 – Procedure A)
Bursting Strength (ASTM D774)                              100 psi
Tensile Strength (ASTM D828)                                 75 lbs./in.


• ASTM C585 – Dimension Standard for pipe ID only
• ASTM C1136 (Jacketing ) Replaces HH-B-100B, Type I & II)
• MIL-DTL-32585
• MIL-I-22344D, MIL-PRF-22344E
• Coast Guard/IMO Approved 164.109/56/0 (plain, unjacketed only – excluding 7/8 x
½ [22 mm x 13 mm], ½ x ½ [13 mm x 13 mm])
• MEA Complaint
• California Bureau of Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation – Registry
Number CA-T040 (CO)
• Firestop Assemblies: Meets requirement for jacketed fiberglass pipe insulation
product at or above 3.5 pcf.
• ASTM E84, CAN ULC S102.2 – 25/50 listed and labeled Intertek testing laboratories
• ASTM D2863 – Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) minimum 31