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The Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound is a revolutionary damping product that is ideal for new construction and rennovation projects. It is one of the most popular and cost-effective soundproofing materials in the market.


Noiseproofing Compound has a unique polymeric formula that converts the mechanical energy of sound waves into small amounts of heat.

Noiseproofing Compound in Tubes
Noiseproofing Compound in Pails
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Acoustical Sealant is a non-curing and non-hardening latex sealant that is used to acoustically seal walls, ceilings, and floor structures.

Acoustical Sealant
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Green Glue Nooiseproof Your Life

Green Glue Soundproofing System Accessories:

Whisper Clips

Green Glue Whisper Clips are used to mechanically isolate two sides of a wall to prevent sound vibrations from passing through the wall/ceiling.  These clips are used in conjunction with resilient hat channel.

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Joist Tape

Green Glue Joist Tape is a pvc foam tape that is used on joists prior to installation of the subfloor to prevent floor squeaks and footnoise.
Widths: 1-7/16", 2-1/4", 3"
Length: 100 ft/roll
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Owens Corning is the leader in acoustical insulation products mostly due to their 703 Series Fiberglass Acoustic Board which is the premier acoustic panel core material.

703 Acoustic Board

703 Acoustic Board is a 3lb/cf fiberglass board used as a core material for acoustical sound panels and baffles due to its excellent sound absorption qualities. At 2" thick the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is 1.00.

Thicknesses: 1", 2", 4"
Dimensions: 24" x 48" or  48" x 96"
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705 Acoustic Board

705 Acoustic Board is a 6 lb/cf fiberglass board which is extremely rigid and can be used as a frameless acoustic panel or as a core for acoustic panels where durability is required (gymnasiums, classrooms, etc).

Thickness: 2" (stock)
Dimension: 24" x 48" (stock)
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Owens Corning - "The Leader in Acoustic Insulation Products:

Black Acoustic Board

Select Sound Black Acoustic Board is a black acoustical board that has a durable mat facing. The major selling point for this product is that it is the only fiberglass board that can be left exposed. Great product for theaters, bars, nightclubs, etc.

Thickness: 1" or 2"
Dimensions: 48" x 96"
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Floor Mat

QuietZone Floor Mat is a floor underlayment which prevents sound transmission through the floor/ceiling structure. QuietZone is great at stopping footnoise and subfloor squeaks.

Roll Size: 48" x 35ft (140 sf/roll)
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Roxul is the world's leading producer of mineralwool insulation products which have been proven to perform extremely well in sound absorption in walls and ceiling structures.

Acoustic Fire Batt

Acoustic Fire Batt (AFB) 16" is a dense mineralwool batt that is installed in interior/exterior walls to help absorb unwanted noise.

16" x 48" 3" thick Batts
64 sf per Bag
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Acoustic Fire Batt

Acoustic Fire Batt (AFB) 24" is a dense mineralwool batt that is installed in ceiling joists to help absorb footnoise and sounds from transmitting from floor to floor.

24" x 48" 3" thick Batts
64 sf per Bag
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Roxul The Better Insulation

Roxul Rockwool Acoustic Board:

Roxul Mineralwool Acoustic Board

Roxul Mineralwool Acoustic Board is a dense rockwool acoustic panel that is used as a core for acoustic panels and bass trap absorbers. Coming in a variety of densities and thicknesses, this material is extremely popular in absorbing lower frequency sounds.

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MetroFlex is a leading producer of sound blocking and sound attenuation materials including their Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier product line.

Sound Barriers

Mass Loaded Vinyl is a then yet highly dense vinyl barrier that is used as a soundproofing material in walls and ceilings to block sound transmission.

Mass Loaded Vinyl 1# / 2# (Plain)
Mass Loaded Vinyl (Foil Faced)
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Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass Loaded Vinyl w/Decoupler is foil faced vinyl with a fiberglass decoupler which is used to block sound from entering/exiting hvac ductwork.

Mass Loaded Vinyl (w/ Decoupler)
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Mass Loaded Vinyl Accessory Products:

Sound SealR Acoustic Sealant

SoundSealR Acoustic Sealant is non-curing non-hardening latex sealant that is specially formulated for sealing seams of Mass Loaded Vinyl.

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MLV Nails

MLV Nails are nails with 1" round heads which are used to secure mass loaded vinyl.

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SealR MLV Tape

SealR MLV Tape is used to tape and seal up the seams of Mass Loaded Vinyl.

Dimensions: 4" x 165ft
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MetroFlex has a complete line of acoustic panel hardware for installing panels on walls and ceilings.

Impaler Clips

Impaler Clips are 8 pronged steel impaling clips that pierce the backside of frameless acoustic panels for wall installations. 4 Clips per 2x4 Panel

Box of 24 Clips
Bulk Box of 240 Clips
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Prong Push Down Impalers

2-Prong Push Down Impalers are premium impaling clips that hold fiberglass and mineralwool acoustic panels on wall installations. 4 /2x4 Panel

Box of 24 Impalers
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METROFLEX Acoustical Panel Hardware Options:

Stand Off Brackets

2" Stand-Off Brackets are used to install acoustic panels on walls allowing a 2" air gap between the wall and the panel for superior sound absorption.

8 per box (2 panels)
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Bass Trap Brackets

Bass Trap Brackets are used to install bass trap panels in the corners of studios and theater rooms.

8 per box (2 traps)
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Z Clips

Z-Clips are installed on the back of wood frames and on the wall. The Z-Clips interlock to give a secure install.

24 per box (6 panels)
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Guilford of Maine is the leading textile manufacturer in the acoustical fabric industry. All fabrics are made in the USA, Fire Rated, and are completely or nearly acousticaly transparent.

Fabric Style

FR701 Style 2100

66" Wide
NRC: 0.95
100% Post Consumer Recycled Material
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Anchorage Style

Anchorage Style 2335

66" Wide
NRC: 0.85
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*Please Call us For Stock Colors and to see what non-stock colors we currently have on the rack.  Any fabric/color can be ordered in as little as 5 yard quantities.

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Guilford of Maine

GUILFORD OF MAINE High Quality Acoustical Transparent Fabric Options:

Coastline Style

Coastline Style 3495

66" Wide
NRC: 0.90

Crosstown Style

Crosstown Style 2526 

66" Wide
NRC: 0.95

Drift Style

Drift Style 2536

66" Wide
NRC: 0.90