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Roxul AFB is a lightweight, semi-rigid batt insulation designed specifically for interior wall, floor, and ceiling applications. This stone fiber based insulation is made from natural stone and recycled content. It's a green product that provides superior sound absorbency and fire protection for overall occupant comfort and safety. That's why AFB is quickly becoming the insulation of choice for today's green builders in residential and commercial construction.

Roxul AFB Acoustic FIre Batt Used for Absorbing Sound

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Sound Contorl System


Room to room or floor to floor, when Roxul AFB is specified for interior wall or floor assemblies, better overall sound control and fire protection are achieved.  Compared to other types of insulation, the stone fiber content  of AFB provides increased density that effectively reduces airflow and essentially sound transmissions.  Greater noise or sound control is further achieved when thicker AFB and gypsum board are used together.  AFB thickness rages from 1.5" to 3.5".

Testing demonstrates the Roxul AFB inherently higher density and manufacturing process delivers dramatically better air flow resistivity compared to fiberglass.  Higher air flow resistivity means better sound attenuation.

Frequency or Bass Range

In residential and commercial applications, much of the sound or noise to be controlled is produced in low frequency or bass ranges. For residential, this noise includes conversations, television sets, radios and home theater surround sounds, dishwashers, laundry rooms, etc. For commercial, this noise includes conversations, telephones, projection/video equipment, and ventilation systems. In the lower 1/3 octave bands, tests have shown that Roxul AFB outperformed fiberglass insulation, providing more low frequency absorption when comparing acoustical testing at low frequencies.

Fire Resistant


Roxul AFB's combination of stone fiber and recycled content makes this insulation fire resistant.  This non-combustible product does not develop smoke or promote flam spread when exposed to flame, making AFB a critical line of defense in fire protection.  In fact, studies have proven that stone or mineral fiber insulations provide a 54% increase in overall fire resistance rating compared to non-insulated assemblies.


Roxul AFB will not absorb water or hold moisture.  In fact, its stone fiber composition is ideal for repelling and draining water away from walls and studs, protecting them.  AFB's fire resistance and sound control properties are never comprised by water or moisture.  Ideally AFB will not corrode and it does not promote fungi or bacteria growth. 


The higher density of AFB provides superior sag resistance and fit.  Once installed AFB holds its shape without sagging or slumping in the wall cavity over time to consistently provide continuous fire protection and sound control.


AFB is an innovative insulation offering a world of green features that help developers earn LEED points across six construction categories.  AFB's greenest features include: Natural, inorganic material with recycled content.

Below are two of the most common applications:

Sound Application
Sound Application

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Hot Use of Roxul AFB

Metro Supply Company consulted in the October 2011 Esquire Magazine photoshoot of Justin Timberlake, which included a shot of Justin sitting on a burning couch.  To prevent the flames from engulfing the entire couch and to stop the pyrotechnic gels from absorbing into the cushions, Roxul AFB was used to replace the foam stuffing of the sofa cushions.

Roxul AFB was the perfect solution because it is both fire-resistant and water-repellent.

Roxul Acoustic Fire Batt (AFB)

Photo Courtesy of Esquire Magazine Rights Reserved
Photo Courtesy of Esquire Magazine

Roxul AFB inside ceiling joists and walls is the first step in soundproofing. Roxul AFB is commonly used in structures that also include other soundproofing products like MetroFlex Mass Loaded Vinyl and Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound.