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*QuietZone Acoustic Floor Mat works great with our MetroFlex Mass Loaded Vinyl for Flooring Applications 

QuietZone Acoustic Floor Mat:

• Lightweight, polyethylene-foam floor mat isolates sound vibrations from stereos or TV’s as well as impact noise such as foot traffic from traveling to other rooms

• QuietZone Acoustic Floor Mat is a component of the QuietZone Noise Control System that can reduce perceived noise by up to 80% when compared to an uninsulated conventional system.

• Can be used with Hardwood, Carpet & Padding, Vinyl, Laminate Wood and Ceramic Tile flooring

• Increase acoustical privacy between rooms

Excellent Acoustical Performance

QuietZone acoustic floor mat, composed of a lightweight, closed cell, extruded polyethylene foam, is acoustically engineered to isolate sound vibrations and impact noises. Wall performance will also increase, as flanking noise will be reduced.

Commercial applications, such as hotel rooms, conference rooms and condominiums as well as residential applications like home theaters or laundry rooms are ideal areas for noise control treatment.

Durable Material Composition

QuietZone acoustic floor mat has exceptional compressive strength, while also being resilient enough to absorb impact vibrations. It will retain its acoustic properties over time while also being resistant to moisture, mold and fungus.