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Metro Flex


MetroFlex Sound SealR Acoustic Sound Blocking Sealant is a high quality latex-based sealing compound used as an essential component in construction assemblies for achieving and maintaining the required STC rating as per IBC 1207.2 for air-borne sound. Sound SealR is specifically formulated for use with MetroFlex Mass Loaded Vinyl and possesses excellent adhesion to drywall, wood, metal, and concrete. It remains permanently flexible and is both durable and long lasting.


  • Joint seams of Mass Loaded Vinyl
  • Top and bottom runners prior to installation of drywall
  • Outer edge perimeter joints of drywall
  • Cut-outs and utility penetrations

*For use with Mass Loaded Vinyl products, this product should be used in conjunction with MLV SealR Tape.

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Sound Seal R


  • Meets ASTM-C834
  • Tested to ASTM-E90
  • Maintains 52 STC
  • Complies with IBC Sections:
    • 1207.2, 710.6, 710.7, 402.4.1
  • EcoSeal Standards
    • V.O.C. Content: 11 g/l
  • LEED 2009 (EQ Credit 4.1) 1 point
  • NAHB Green Guidelines: 5 G.I. Points
  • Complies to: SCAQMD Rule #1168
    • OTC-Ozone Trans Com
    • CARB
    • BAAQMD


  1. Clean debris and dry desired area.
  2. Cut nozzle to allow recommended 3/8" bead.
  3. Apply sealant on the underside of all runners at the ceiling and floor prior to the installation of drywall, the outer edge perimeter joints, cut-outs, and utility penetrations to ensure the required STC is acheived or maintained.
  4. Apply bead of sealant at joints of two pieces of Mass Loaded Vinyl if landing on the stud. If joint falls within the wall cavity apply bead between the overlap layer as well as the seam. Use of MetroFlex SealR Tape is also recommended to create the most air tight seal.