METRO SUPPLY COMPANY - "A Supplier of Mechanical and Acoustical Insulation Products"

NEW JERSEY:  (973)-237-1551 
NEW YORK:   (718)-383-0117
VIRGINIA:       (571)-667-6366

Metro Supply Company Has a 3,500 sf Fabrication Shop

Located in Woodland Park, New Jersey


Fabrication Machine

 Fabricated Products

Calcium Silicate / Fiberglass Hanger Segments

School Construction Authority Cal Sil Hangers

Urethane / Fiberglass Hanger Segments

Urethane Fittings / Pipe

Foamglass Fittings / Pipe

Mineral Wool Corrugated Deck Flute Widgets

Fiberglass / Mineral Wool Pipe & Tank

Fiberglass / Mineral Wool Laminated Board

Aluminum Cut & Roll Jacketing

PVC Cut & Curl Jacketing

Fabrication Table